Wet or dry – which type of hockey pitch is right for you?

Choosing which type of hockey pitch is right for your establishment is a big decision to make – here’s our handy guide to help.

A hockey pitch is a valuable asset for your club, school, or college, and a worthwhile investment that provides years of fun and education. It’s also an expensive investment, so it’s best to research which type best fits your needs is before you commit. Do you need your pitch to be used for a variety of sports? what level of hockey are you playing? and what’s your budget? Keeping the answers to these questions in mind will help you narrow down your decision.

Dry pitches

Sand-filled pitches

Sand-filled pitches are great for playing hockey at a club and recreational level and are the most affordable option of the three pitch types we offer. They’re also versatile in that they can also be used for a variety of sports such as tennis, football and netball, making them extremely cost-effective for schools or colleges.

Sand-dressed pitches

Compared with sand-filled pitches, sand-dressed pitches are made of more yarn and less sand, which results in reduced abrasion and the ball rolling faster. This makes them ideal for a higher standard of hockey – although they can also be used for other low-impact sports.

Our most popular sand-dressed pitch is TigerTurf’s EvoPro which meets FIH national standards for hockey. Head to our case studies page to read more about our process of installing these pitches at Eton College and Marlborough College.

Water-based pitches

The top surface specification for hockey is a water-based hockey pitch, as the presence of water reduces friction and improves the speed and consistency of the ball roll, allowing for smooth, fast play. These must be regularly watered to maintain the optimum playing conditions, as the water also provides shock absorption to put less strain on the players joints. For these reasons a water-based hockey pitch is the first choice for professional hockey matches.

Whether you’re looking for an all-round games pitch or a pitch suitable for elite matches, at Mcardle Sport Tec we offer the choices to suit your budget and needs, from top-specification water-based systems, to affordable sand-based pitches. All of our synthetic hockey surfaces are installed on a engineered macadam base with a separate shockpad to increase player comfort and surface longevity, making them a safe and high-quality option.

To find out more about our prices and what we can offer you, get in contact with us with your query and we’d be happy to provide more information.