MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) Construction

A multi-use games area, commonly known as a MUGA, refers to any sports or games surface from a single court or play area to a full-size synthetic sports pitch that accommodates a variety of uses.

MUGAs can be created using artificial turf, tarmac, or a polymeric material to provide a versatile and durable surface for a range of sports such as 5-a-side football, hockey, netball, and tennis. This type of surface is an excellent budget option and can be particularly attractive to schools and local sporting clubs where the area may have multiple uses.

We work closely with you on the planning for a MUGA construction, considering which surface meets your needs depending on its range of uses, as well as criteria such as the appropriate level of shock absorbency.


Blue artificial turf on mugas pitch


Sand-dressed surfaces are a recent development in sand-based surfaces and are becoming an increasingly popular choice. Sand-dressed surfaces have a shorter, denser pile than standard sand-filled systems with less sand fill and are primarily suited for MUGA pitches where hockey and 5-a-side football are more commonly played.

Black tarmac on mugas pitch


Tarmac surfaces are very durable and can be played on in most weather conditions throughout the year. They are typically laid on school playgrounds as they provide an effective surface for a range of sports such as netball, basketball, and tennis.

Tarmac surfaces are a very economical option and can be colour coated to improve the visual aesthetic and sprayed with an acrylic coating to provide a non-slip surface, extending the lifespan.

Red polymeric on mugas pitch


A great synthetic surface choice where cushioning is required is polymeric. Polymeric surfaces are created using a rubber crumb which is porous, thus making it an ideal option in organisations such as schools because it can be played on in most weather conditions. It also tends to be less slippery than tarmac.

Unlike other MUGA construction options, polymeric surfaces are designed to accommodate running spikes, so they are ideal for athletics training. Polymeric surfaces are also available in a wide range of colours.


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