Artificial Hockey Pitch Construction

Competitive hockey has been played on synthetic surfaces for many years at international, national and club level. We offer a wide choice of hockey surfaces to suit every budget, from top-specification water-based systems, to very affordable sand-based installations.

All of our synthetic hockey surfaces are installed on a macadam base with a separate shock pad to increase player comfort and surface longevity.

Artificial turf hockey pitches can be accredited with International Hockey Federation (FIH) certification and can be tested to FIH International, FIH National Class 1, and FIH National Class 2 standards.


McArdle Sport Tec are an official FIH Certified Field Builder




Sand-filled pitches are the original ‘all weather surface’, the pile height is usually longer than sand-dressed and sand is filled almost to the top of the surface creating a denser playing surface. These systems provide a cost-effective option for hockey at local club and recreational level.


Sand-dressed pitches are a great improvement on older synthetic surfaces. Play on these surfaces is directly on the ‘grass’ as these systems have more yarn and less sand. Ball roll is faster and therefore ideally suited to hockey. Recent developments have included a monofilament sand-dressed surface which has proved extremely successful at FIH hockey played at national level.

Sand-dressed surfaces are very ‘clean’ to play on, reduce abrasion and are available in a range of colours making them visually attractive as they retain their colour.

Our most popular sand-dressed pitch is TigerTurf’s EvoPro which meets FIH national standards for hockey. Installations of EvoPro include Eton College, Shrewsbury School, University of Hertfordshire and St Andrews Prep School.


Our high quality water-based pitches are designed to meet FIH global hockey standards for both international and national level competitive hockey.

Water is applied via an irrigation system to the synthetic surface immediately before play. The presence of water greatly reduces friction and improves the speed and consistency of ball roll.


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