The Importance of Artificial Pitch Maintenance


In this guide, we’ll give you our top tips on how to maintain your pitch, from 3G surfaces used for rugby and football, to high level water-based hockey pitches.

Keeping your facilities well-maintained will make them last longer and shorten the length of time before you’ll need to resurface your artificial pitch! Proper pitch maintenance can also help you avoid player injuries and flooding or drainage issues in poor weather conditions, as well as generally improving your playing surface to allow those using it to play to the best of their ability.

Although the maintenance requirements are lower compared to a natural grass pitch, no pitch is completely maintenance-free, and there are a number of areas to consider if you want it to function for years to come.


Before you even think about installing a new pitch, you should work with your sports pitch consultant and specialist contractor to ensure it is built in the best position to protect it from the elements. Ideally, your pitch would be situated away from any grassed areas that players, spectators and maintenance teams might need to cross before stepping onto it. This will help to reduce the amount of mud, debris and contaminants coming onto the synthetic surface and prolong the playing quality and lifespan of your pitch.

You can also keep the area around the pitch looking clean and tidy by installing tarmac paths leading to the pitch, landscaping with non-shedding trees, and even installing artificial turf warm-up areas so the pitch doesn’t get covered with mud.


One of the most fundamental aspects of maintaining a pitch is checking on it regularly! Small tasks such as keeping the pitch clear of litter, leaves, twigs, mud, and any unwanted growth, i.e. weeds around the edges, can significantly help your pitch in the long term. This will also improve the visual aesthetic of the pitch and prevent it from looking worn down or dirty.


Another crucial part of pitch maintenance is to ensure that the correct footwear is worn. Wearing the wrong shoes can cause damage to the surface of the pitch, and injury to those wearing them. It is advisable to make sure that all who use the pitch are aware of what the appropriate footwear is, and provide signage to remind them of the rules.

For 3G pitches, this is particularly relevant, as flat-soled shoes and boots can increase the rate of infill compaction and flatten the carpet pile (which we want to keep upright). We advise only wearing moulded or screw-in stud football boots on a 3G field.


Relying on a bi-annual pitch maintenance service will not be sufficient to keep your pitch in good condition. Weekly brushing helps to keep the synthetic fibres upright on both hockey pitches and 3G pitches. On 3G pitches especially, this will help to protect the infill from compaction and further damage to the surface. We recommend using a drag brush behind a tractor for the best results. It’s particularly important to brush over heavy traffic areas such as pitch entrances and goals.


It is important to keep an eye on your pitch’s infill to ensure the levels are not too low (with the exception of water-based hockey pitches, which have no infill). Those small rubber pieces you find in 3G artificial pitches, or the silica sand in hockey pitches, are there to support the fibres and keep them upright. However, over time, some infill will leave the pitch in players’ boots or just from flying about during play or in windy conditions, so you should keep an eye on your infill levels whilst brushing to prevent shortages and surface damage.

Have a walk around your sports pitch whenever you get a chance. Take a look to see if the fibres are bending over in places, or if excess infill is gathering around the edges. This could mean that there are uneven or low levels of infill on the pitch. This often happens in areas such as the goal mouth. If you are unable to do this yourself, hiring an expert company to thoroughly inspect the pitch for any tearing or loosening of any seams, and to top up infill levels if they are running low, will contribute massively to the upkeep of the pitch.


The build-up of moss and algae is particularly common in water-based pitches, as naturally the frequent presence of water means that they are far more susceptible to it. This is more likely to occur in cases where the surface suffers from poor airflow, poor sunlight and improper drainage, so it’s a good idea to ensure these needs are met when installing your pitch.

Various treatments are available to eradicate moss and algae, and you might want to consider a deep clean if the pitch becomes dirty over time.


As long as your pitch has a good drainage system, the only weather conditions that could potentially stop you from using it are snow and ice. Heavy snowfall can freeze the fibres and make them brittle, increasing the risk of damage to both the pitch and the players. If this does occur, sometimes the easiest solution is to close the pitch until it thaws and becomes safe to use, but we do appreciate that this can result in cancelled fixtures and bookings, potentially leading to loss of important revenue and customers.

Once the snow has settled on the surface, it is very difficult to move, particularly if it has been left for a day or longer. If it can be moved, then you will have to consider where to stockpile it until it melts, and make sure that the essential rubber or sand infill is not removed in the process!

However, as with many things, prevention is better than a cure: laying Pure Dried Vacuum (PDV) salts on the turf before forecasted snow or ice can help to prevent freezing from happening in the first place, protecting your pitch and reducing your downtime. You should avoid using other products, such as rock salt or grit, because once they dissolve, they could cause contamination and damage to the playing surface. Chemical-based solutions do work, but they can be costly and offer little in the way of residue life.


You should let your teams and players know how important it is to look after a sports pitch! McArdle Sport Tec can install team boot brushes if required to help reduce mud on the pitch. Every pitch we build as standard has an information board erected clearly listing the ‘Dos and Don’ts’, including footwear guidelines, and rules such as no eating & drinking and no dogs on the pitch. This will help ensure that the the pitch is treated with respect.


McArdle Sport Tec recommend that you conduct regular pitch maintenance to ensure that any issues are identified early, prolonging the life of your pitch and keeping the players safe.

Why it’s important to resurface your sports pitch

Once you’ve had a good-quality synthetic turf pitch installed, it will typically last for around a decade, depending on how heavily it’s used.

Resurfacing the pitch after this time is important if you want to maintain a high-quality surface for the smoothest play possible. If you leave it too late, the pitch could become waterlogged and unsafe to play on. To avoid this, it’s best to think about sports pitch resurfacing sooner rather than later.

How can I tell if my pitch needs resurfacing?

You’ll know when your sports pitch has reached the end of its life if you see any of these warning signs:

  • Surface looks worn and shabby
  • Seams are coming loose and splitting apart
  • Drainage is not working properly, leading to waterlogging

So, if it’s been several years since your sports pitch was installed and you notice any of these issues starting to creep up, it’s probably time to think about getting it resurfaced. Don’t wait until it’s on its last legs!

What are the benefits of sports pitch resurfacing?

Resurfacing your artificial turf pitch can benefit your sports club or organisation in many ways. For example:

It’s safer. When your pitch starts to show its age, the surface may get slightly lumpy, or the seams may tear, causing tripping hazards. Excess water on the pitch could also make play unsafe and lead to injury.

It looks smarter. A worn out and scruffy-looking pitch is going to appear less professional than a fresh, brightly coloured new one. Having it resurfaced will therefore make a big impact on the public image of your facility.

Play will be smoother. As the main purpose of your pitch is to allow sports to be played to the highest standard possible, having it resurfaced will ensure ball bounce, roll, and slide are working at optimum condition.

It allows you to incorporate new technological advancements. New designs and technology are always being developed to make artificial sports pitches as realistic and effective as possible. This means that incredible new surface types which could really benefit your club may have become available since you last updated your pitch.

Will this affect my pitch accreditation standards?

Artificial pitches will require re-testing on a periodic basis by an accredited Field Testing and Certification body, ensuring that the facility complies with mandatory governing body standards and that the pitch maintains its original classification.

Providing the pitch passes the required ‘re-tests’, the facility will be accredited once more to a specific governing body and classification, whether this is FIH, FIFA or WR Reg 22 standards. This establishes that the facility is still ‘fit for purpose’ and being managed and maintained to the required standards.

Once your pitch has reached the end of its lifespan, the Field Testing and Certification body will no longer be able to pass your facility. At this point, you will know that it is absolutely essential to arrange a refurbishment of the artificial carpet as soon as possible, and once completed, apply for a new test on the resurfaced pitch to obtain your pitch classification once more.

What can McArdle Sport Tec do?

We’ve delivered many sports pitch resurfacing projects for a range of clients, with great results. For instance, we’ve refurbished hockey pitches at Eton College, reconstructed and extended an existing sand-dressed hockey pitch into a full sized 3G sports pitch for for the Dorothy Hyman Sports Centre in Barnsley, and resurfaced a 3G pitch for Huish Episcopi Academy. For more detail on what we’ve done, read some of our case studies.

Whatever standard of sport you’re playing, we’ve got a first-class pitch to suit your needs. If your sports pitch is looking worse for wear and could benefit from resurfacing, it’s important that you get it sorted as soon as possible to restore it to a high quality. Get in touch with us today for a quote.

Dorothy Hyman Before Sports Pitch Resurfacing

Dorothy Hyman Sports Centre – Before Resurfacing

Dorothy Hyman Sports Pitch Resurfacing

Dorothy Hyman Sports Centre – After Resurfacing

HMS Temeraire – Portsmouth

McArdle Sport Tec awarded prestigious water-based hockey pitch refurbishment at the Alan Walker Stadium.

Home to the Royal Navy School of Physical Training, HMS Temeraire is overlooked by the iconic Spinnaker Tower in thriving Portsmouth town. This historic naval base is responsible for training members of the Royal Navy to become physical training instructors.

Originally built in 1995, the ‘Alan Walker Stadium’ water-based hockey pitch is the Royal Navy and UK Armed Forces’ most prestigious hockey facility.

The water-based pitch had previously been resurfaced in 2006, but due to reoccurring algae and moss complications and the carpet nearing the end of its lifespan, McArdle Sport Tec were delighted to have been awarded the contract by Bryburn Construction and BAE Systems.

Works started in July to remove the existing carpet and shockpad, revealing underlying structural issues with the engineered base layer which needed immediate remediation works.

After repairs to the engineered base, a new shock pad layer, the pitch was rejuvenated with a new colour theme, replacing the old outdated green water-based carpet with bright blue infield with red run offs which reflects the Royal Navy colours, with the addition of bespoke Royal Navy Hockey and Royal Navy Hockey Association logo mats to complete the look.

McArdle Sport Tec are well accustomed to the strict and compulsory regulations and security checks required by the Ministry of Defence to ensure cooperative collaboration with sensitive construction projects on high profile sites.

To discuss your pitch resurfacing requirements or if you are looking to install a new hockey pitch facility contact us on 01491 827810 or email us at

Water-Based Hockey Pitch

“I was honoured to be part of the major refurbishment works for the Royal Navy and HMS Temeraire. The transformation is outstanding, the finished pitch looks outstanding.”

 Barry Jacobs – Contracts Manager – McArdle Sport Tec

Our Sports Surfaces

We offer a comprehensive service from conception and planning through to design and construction.


McArdle Sport Tec were delighted to work with David Wilson Homes, developing the former MMU Campus in Alsager.

The land at the MMU is now owned by David Wilson Homes, who redeveloped the site to create a number of new build houses and provide new sports pitches and amenities at the council-owned ‘Alsager Leisure Centre’.

McArdle Sport Tec installed two new artificial sports pitches and a further five natural grass pitches. The new FIH National Standard sand-dressed hockey pitch plus a Full Size FIFA Quality Standard 3G Artificial Sports Pitch for football are now complete with associated fencing and flood lighting, all 7 pitches costing nearly £1.5 Million pounds. David Wilson Homes have also constructed a new pavilion, changing rooms and car parking.

Councillor Don Stockton, cabinet member for regeneration, said: “This is fantastic news for Alsager as it will see new playing pitches and a range of sports and leisure amenities provided for the residents of the town.

The council is committed to providing quality leisure and sports facilities as part of our policy to help our residents to live long and healthy lives. With the council’s independent trust Everybody Sport and Recreation taking over management of the facilities, this is expected to meet the requirements set out by Sport England to ensure the town’s leisure and sports offer is protected and sustained.”

Mark Wheelton – Lesiure & Cultural Services Manager at Cheshire East Council:

“Cheshire East Council have recently taken transfer of the Alsager Sports Hub, a multi sport outdoor site delivered as part of a Section 106 Agreement with David Wilson Homes. The pitches, both grass and artificial and wider grounds elements were delivered on behalf of the developer by McArdle Sport Tec.

The completed project is of a very high specification, with the artificial pitches (both football and hockey) being constructed to National Governing Body accreditation levels.

Throughout the construction process the company and team worked closely and extremely well on behalf of the developer with both the Council, NGB’s and local sports clubs to ensure that the completed facility met not only the required specification but one that took into account the local sport club needs. This additional communication element gave confidence in the completed build and one where those local clubs are playing and developing on the highest quality facility. In addition the wider ground works, including footpaths within the site and what will be retained as public open space is also giving an added community dimension to the facility over and above sport.”

Sand Dressed Pitch
Sand Dressed Hockey Pitch

“It was fantastic to be involved in such spectacular transformation. The grounds for the former Manchester Metropolitan University have been completely redeveloped, creating an amazing community sports area for both hockey and football.

Geoff White, Contracts Manager at McArdle Sport Tec


Our Sports Surfaces

We offer a comprehensive service from conception and planning through to design and construction.

Eton College, Windsor – Hockey Pitch Resurfacing

McArdle Sport Tec were delighted to be appointed as Principle Contractor for a second contract at Eton College.

Eton have two established full-sized hockey pitches; the first sand-dressed pitch was installed in 1999 and the second additional pitch was installed in 2002.

McArdle successfully won a tender to resurface the 2nd pitch in 2015 – at this point the surface was 13 years old. We were delighted to return back to the college to resurface the original hockey pitch which was completed and handed over in July 2018.

Our recent refurbishment took a total of 8 days, lifting and removing the existing synthetic carpet and replacing it with TigerTurf Evo Pro in Dark Green for the main playing area, with an accentuating Light Green surround, complimented by the Eton College coat of arms embedded in the pitch entrance.

Michael Chapman from Eton College quoted:

“All the work has been completed very quickly and efficiently and everyone who worked on the job has been extremely friendly and helpful. Thank you for all the work you have done for this project, I look forward to working with McArdle again in the future.”

McArdle Sport Tec – Principle Contractor

Lift and remove existing sand-dressed carpet, replace with dark green SD artificial carpet with light green surrounds – 98 x 62m hockey pitch.

Artificial Grass:
TigerTurf Evo Pro 18mm

Eton College, Windsor, SL4 6DW

Start Date: 10/07/2018

Completion Date: 19/07/2018


“All the work has been completed very quickly and efficiently and everyone who worked on the job has been extremely friendly and helpful. Thank you for all the work you have done for this project, I look forward to working with McArdle again in the future.”

Michael Chapman from Eton College

Our Sports Surfaces

We offer a comprehensive service from conception and planning through to design and construction.

Marden Hockey & Cricket Club

McArdle Sport Tec build new hockey pitch, tennis courts and cricket facilities.

McArdle Sport Tec were awarded a competitive tender through TGMS to construct two new sand-dressed hockey pitches, cricket ground facilities and tennis courts at Marden Hockey and Cricket Club.

The sand-dressed hockey pitches meet BS EN 15330 and the FIH National Standards.

The ‘Fédération Internationale de Hockey’, commonly known by the acronym FIH, is the international governing body of field hockey and indoor field hockey. The FIH developed an internationally recognised quality-assurance programme – the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf.

The programme provides consistent and dependable industry standards and ensures the appropriate quality of performance for the intended level of play.

The FIH certifies four different categories of hockey fields:

1. Global Elite: non-filled water-based surfaces that are primarily used for FIH World Level International Competitions

2. Global: non-filled water-based surfaces that are primarily used for lower level international and top level national competitions

3. National: normally sand-dressed or sand-filled surfaces designed primarily for hockey. This category of surface is normally used for lower level national, regional and club play.

4. Multi-Sport: surfaces designed for a number of sports and on which basic community and development level hockey can be played.

FIH Certified Fields are independently tested by an FIH Accredited Test Institute to ensure they meet the requirements of the FIH Quality Programme. Tests include measurements of how the ball interacts with the playing surface, verification that adequate comfort and performance is being provided to ensure the well-being and protection of players, and checks to confirm the field has been built to the correct dimensions, line marking, slope and surface drainage.

The hockey pitches were built using TigerTurf’s 18mm Evo Pro carpet in a stunning dark green with light green surrounds, laid upon a 15mm in-situ SBR shock pad; new fencing and floodlights complete the facilities. The tennis courts have been finished with royal blue surrounded with dark green. New fencing and floodlights have also been installed, providing the community with a social area for training and games practice. The cricket club also benefit from a new two lane 30m practice area.

Sand Dressed Hockey Pitch

“McArdle Sport Tec were delighted to be involved in this project benefiting the community with these fantastic facilities.”

David Darnell, Contracts Manager for McArdle Sport Tec

Our Sports Surfaces

We offer a comprehensive service from conception and planning through to design and construction.

Water-Based Hockey Pitches – Bournbrook, University of Birmingham

McArdle Sport Tec construct prestigious water-based FIH Global hockey pitches which will now be used in the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Accredited FIH Field Builders, McArdle Sport Tec, were ecstatic to build a prestigious 3-million-pound sports project at Bournbrook pitches, after partners TigerTurf won a competitive tendering process.

The Bournbrook redevelopment has since been selected to host the hockey competition phase for the 2022 Commonwealth Games. The water-based hockey pitches will accommodate temporary seating for visitors watching the live games being held from the 27th July until 7th August.

TigerTurf’s FIH Quality Wett Pro carpet was installed in reflex blue with red surrounds; these iconic colours were selected to align with the 2016 Rio Olympic pitch and also reflect the colours within the University crest.

The water-based hockey pitches took a total of 20 weeks to complete and were built to meet FIH Global standards, a specification by The Federation Internationale de Hockey, which classifies the facilities to hold international and top level national competitions. Currently there are only 19 other pitches in the United Kingdom which meet the same stringent criterion.

In addition to the two water-based hockey pitches, a full size 3G artificial football and rugby pitch using TigerTurf’s Rugby 360 carpet was completed in October 2017 to meet World Rugby Reg 22 and FIFA Quality standards, and work is on-going to complete ten tennis/netball courts with 106 new parking spaces.

Awarded the top university for sport within the UK, combined with the only university team in the woman’s hockey national league, Birmingham University pride themselves on producing and nurturing participation and personal achievements; this includes four current students and seven graduates which have now been selected in the England Hockey Squad:

Lily Owsley, Olivia Paige, Erica Sanders, Amy Costello, Sophie Bray, Susie Gilbert, Sarah Haycroft, Anna Toman, Emily Defroand, Hannah Martin and Ellie Watton

University of Birmingham student and Olympic champion from Rio 2016, Lily Owsley MBE, commented:

“Since becoming a student at Birmingham I’ve had the benefit of being able to study, train and play on this fantastic campus, with world class facilities and support.

A home Commonwealth Games in Birmingham 2022 will certainly be an incentive for me to continue playing to make the England team for 2022, and play on home ground here on campus. I’m sure it will also inspire many other young players to live their dream of playing for England in a major Games on home turf.”

Why choose a water-based hockey pitch?

Water-Based pitches are the elite hockey surface and the highest specification recognised by the FIH; the carpet uses a denser pile, combined with a layer of water to offer the truest ball roll of any artificial turf system. The application of water on the surface helps to improve the slip resisting properties, and provides a level of shock absorption to the players joints. The lubricating properties enable a fast-paced playing pitch; the water reduces the friction, enabling the ball to roll straighter and faster, affecting the players’ sliding, running, turning and stick work.

The University’s strategic plan for the new facilities aims to provide opportunities and increased participation for students and the local clubs and the community.

“The University of Birmingham is honoured to have been part of this successful bid to bring such a prestigious sporting event to our home city. Birmingham is a global university and we have invested significantly in new sporting facilities that match the reputation we enjoy around the world.”

 Professor Sir David Eastwood, University of Birmingham Vice-Chancellor

Our Sports Surfaces

We offer a comprehensive service from conception and planning through to design and construction.

Hockey Pitch Construction

Where to Begin

This guide has been designed to assist with answering initial questions we are often asked by clients when they first embark on their hockey pitch construction journey. 

-How much does artificial hockey pitch construction cost?
The cost of building a pitch can vary immensely. Do you require a simple resurfacing of an existing pitch with a new sand-dressed artificial turf, or brand new pitch to be constructed with drainage, sports fencing and a new floodlighting system?

Initially, the existing ground conditions will need to be assessed. If the soil is contaminated, this will need to be removed from site and replaced. The more material that needs to be removed and replaced with suitable base material, the more the overall project will cost. A basic sand-dressed pitch resurface with no lighting or fencing can start at around £150,000, and can be in excess of £1 million for a brand new International standard, water-based pitch with new fencing, team dug outs, LED floodlighting and state-of-the-art irrigation systems.

-What are the first steps in artificial hockey pitch construction?
One you have secured land for the build, you will need to speak with an artificial pitch contractor, or a consultant. They should be able to assist with planning considerations and applications, design options, ground surveys, product specifications and pricing. Should you require funding, England Hockey is a good place to start.

-What type of surface does my club need?
Most international tournaments are played on FIH Global standard water-based surfaces and league games are usually played on FIH National standard sand-dressed pitches. If your club doesn’t host international fixtures then a sand-dressed surface will more than likely be sufficient. Water-based and sand-dressed surfaces are becoming available in a range of colours. Types of hockey surface available.

Do I need to have a shock pad under the artificial turf surface?
Although the FIH doesn’t specifically state that a shock pad is required, the testing criteria make it necessary to pass either ‘Global’ or ‘National’ criteria.
The addition of a shock pad in hockey pitch construction will aid player comfort, as the impact on the knees and back is significantly reduced when a shock pad is present. The most commonly used types shock pad systems are; pre-formed roll out pads, and ‘in-situ’ shock pad. An in-situ pad is a combination of SBR rubber and PU Polyurethane binder which is mixed on-site and laid upon the tarmac pitch base.

-How long should an artificial hockey surface last?
Manufacturers will offer a guarantee for each product in their range, to give an example, TigerTurf UK Ltd’s most popular hockey surface Evo Pro is guaranteed for 12 years, or 30,000 playing hours (2017). Many of the UK manufacturers have similar product guarantee periods, either measured in playing hours, or years. It is vitally important that the surface is maintained to the manufacturers standards for the guarantee to remain valid, artificial turf pitches are not maintenance free.

-Can an artificial hockey pitch be used for other sports?
More and more artificial hockey pitches are becoming multi-sport facilities as hockey clubs and local councils look to maximise the number of hours that the surface can be used for, therefore increasing pitch hire revenue. Artificial turf surfaces can be used for multiple sports, many manufacturers have sand-dressed systems which can be used for 5-a-side football, hockey and tennis. Other sports suited to a sand-dressed surface include volleyball, lacrosse, touch rugby and athletics.

Hockey Pitch


On St Andrew’s Day in 2013, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, attended the opening ceremony for one of our newly constructed hockey pitches.

St Andrew’s Prep School appointed McArdle Sport Tec for their new artificial hockey pitch construction project. For this installation, we used TigerTurf UK’s EvoPro carpet to meet with International Hockey Federation standards. The pitch measured approximately 100x60m and the project included the installation of drainage, a 15mm in-situ shock pad, and a tarmac layer beneath the surface.

Kate was a pupil of St Andrew’s from 1986-1995 and was invited by the school to officially open the new pitch. Kate formally opened the new pitch by unveiling a plaque, before meeting members of the school’s current hockey team and playing a quick game.

During the opening, Kate stated, “It was while I was here at school that I realised my love of sport. Sport has been a huge part of my life, and I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunities I had to get outside and play in such wonderful open spaces – though sadly there was nothing quite as glamorous as this in my time! I hope that you all enjoy playing sport here as much as I used to, and make the most of these incredible facilities.”

Click here to see The Dutchess of Cambridge playing hockey on the newly opened pitch.

Hockey Pitch Construction

“We are very happy with our new sand-dressed pitch. McArdle completed it on-budget and on-time and were a great team to work with, I would definitely consider them again for future work. The finished pitch looks fantastic and the children are really enjoying the great surface.”

Penny, Bursar

Our Sports Surfaces

We offer a comprehensive service from conception and planning through to design and construction.

The Blundell’s School in Tiverton

McArdle Sport Tec were chosen to install a new full-size sand-dressed pitch with warm-up area at The Blundell’s School in Tiverton.

The project was delivered on-budget and within the 16-week schedule. The sand-dressed hockey pitch was officially opened in October 2009 by David Hacker, a former GB Player of the Year who also represented Great Britain in the Sydney Olympics.

We were later asked back to resurface the school’s netball courts and received a glowing reference.

“….it was a super project and your company was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Everyone who worked on site was very personable and helpful. The project was completed on-time and on-budget and the enlarged facility with two adjacent pitches creates a splendid venue of which we are very proud.”

David Chambers, Bursar, Blundell’s School

 “I cannot speak highly enough of McArdle Sport Tec Ltd. They came through a competitive tender process and we were delighted with their performance in every respect. They are currently on site resurfacing the schools’ netball courts hence demonstrating our willingness to use them again.”

David Chambers, Bursar

Our Sports Surfaces

We offer a comprehensive service from conception and planning through to design and construction.


McArdle Sport Tec Ltd are very proud to have recently handed over a new full-size sand-dressed artificial turf hockey pitch at Eton College’s sports ground.

The college selected TigerTurf’s Evo Pro surface to deliver an all-weather hockey pitch which could be used all year round. They opted for special hockey world cup colours of dark green with a light green surround. Tested to FIH standards for hockey, this product is the most popular synthetic surface in the UK, with over 100 pitches having been constructed to date.

The project involved the complete reconstruction of an existing dilapidated artificial turf pitch, measuring over 6,000 sqm. The work included a partial new shock pad and dividing nets. The project was completed within budget and a week ahead of schedule, ready for the new school term.

 “The contract went very smoothly and to time. I was very pleased with the overall experience with McArdle from tender to completion. The finished pitch has been very well received by our hockey club and other recreational users.”

Grounds Manager, Eton College

Our Sports Surfaces

We offer a comprehensive service from conception and planning through to design and construction.


McArdle Sport Tec were delighted to be selected to provide two 3G pitches, an all-weather hockey pitch and a large athletics facility at Aberdeen Sports Village.

As part of a large construction project at Aberdeen Sports Village, we were chosen to construct two full size 3G football pitches, a water-based hockey pitch and an athletics facility comprising of an indoor track and outdoor athletics tracks. The aim of the project was to provide the best indoor athletics facility in the North of Scotland.

Indoor Athletics: The indoor area comprises a bright blue, 135m six-lane running straight, with specific, fully-equipped areas for long and triple jump, high jump and pole vault. The indoor area also provides a state-of-the-art indoor throws cage, providing training opportunities for hammer, discus, shot putt and javelin.

Outdoor Athletics: The outdoor area comprises of a 400m eight-lane running track.

Football: We installed a full-size indoor 3G football pitch, which was the first of its kind in the UK. The requirement was that the pitch could be split into three separate sections for community hire. Each section measures 60m x 32m.

Hockey: We construced a full-size FIH Global accredited hockey pitch adjacent to the outdoor athletics track. The water-based surface measured 97 x 61m and is complete with a full irrigation system, meeting the requirements for international hockey.

Our works at Aberdeen Regional Sports Village totalled over £1,000,000.

The stadium at Aberdeen Regional Sports Centre bears the name of the former vice-Chairman of the Aberdeen Football Club, who was an educational and sporting visionary and the driving force that helped take Aberdeen Football Club to the peak of European football in the 1980s.

Our Sports Surfaces

We offer a comprehensive service from conception and planning through to design and construction.


We submitted a successful tender to install two all-weather pitches at the University of Stirling in Scotland. This included a full-size 3G rugby surface and a sand-dressed hockey pitch.

After being designated Scotland’s “University for Sporting Excellence” in recognition of its contribution to Scottish sport, the University of Stirling sought two new playing surfaces in 2012. The University contacted specialist sports consultants Sports Labs Ltd to assist with their plans for the reconstruction of a full-size 3G artificial turf pitch and an FIH National tested Hockey surface. After submitting a tender for the new pitches, McArdle Sport Tec were chosen for the installation.

The University needed a 3G carpet for rugby which met both IRB and FIFA one star and FIFA two star accreditations and which guaranteed a minimum of 20,000 playing hours. For this reason, TigerTurf UK’s Total Turf XQ with a 65m pile height was selected. For the hockey pitch, the popular sand-dressed Evo Pro surface by TigerTurf UK was chosen. This is fully compliant with the International Hockey Federation’s National standard.

Since the installation of the £525,000 facilities, the University of Stirling’s sport-centred campus has become a hub for the local community, bringing together the people shaping Scottish sport, their expertise and excellence.

“Since installing two new artificial sports surfaces, they have been very well used, and will continue to be used for many years to come. Our sports surfaces now match our strong and ever growing reputation within Scottish sport and will continue to help our players develop and perform well in competitive fixtures.” – Christie McNaughton, Project Manager at the University of Stirling.

Our Sports Surfaces

We offer a comprehensive service from conception and planning through to design and construction.


The Abbey School in Reading, with the help of local Planning Consultant Neil Boddington, appointed McArdle Sport Tec to construct a new all-weather hockey pitch.

The start of the construction of the full-size hockey pitch project was celebrated at the school with an earth-turning ceremony. The ceremony was attended by several of the school’s talented sportswomen, including former Sports Captain Lucie Daman who was training at the time with England’s U18 Hockey Squad.

The headmistress, Mrs Stanley, commented: “We are delighted that the work has begun and look forward to seeing the pitch in use during the Autumn term. Sport at The Abbey School continues to go from strength to strength, thanks to the unstinting commitment of our PE staff and dedication from the girls.

“The addition of the all-weather surface will further enhance our facilities and is at the heart of our vision for the future of sport as The Abbey.”

The project began in May and was completed within three months, ready for the start of the new school term. The site works included an extensive cut and fill programme due to the site being on a slope. For the surface, we carefully selected Lano’s Revolution artificial turf which is tested to meet FIH hockey standards. The completed pitch measured 97.4m x 61m and was built to enable pupils to play netball and tennis on the surface in addition to its primary purpose of hockey.

During the construction programme, a local resident handed a letter into our site-office at the school regarding the ongoing all-weather sports pitch construction. Here is an excerpt:
“I would like to say I have been following the work your lads have been carrying out at the Abbey School playing field, and what a transformation!  I have never seen men work like they have, they are fantastic, and should be very proud of them. It will be a great pleasure to see the finished article and I will take great pleasure in seeing the girls make use of the facility.”

“I’ve just been on my first visit to the all-weather pitch – it is fantastic! It has been a superbly professional job from start to finish.”

Mrs Hopper, Marketing Manager, The Abbey School

Our Sports Surfaces

We offer a comprehensive service from conception and planning through to design and construction.


We were approached by Marlborough College to reconstruct two of their existing near full-size artificial pitches.

The turf was to be laid upon a 15mm in-situ shock pad upon an engineered macadam base.

To meet FIH standards we carefully selected TigerTurf UK’s EvoPro carpet for both pitches.

The college had specified a blue playing surface surrounded with a green run-off area.

The project involved removing the old carpet on each pitch, designing and installing a new drainage system, designing and installing a new sub-base and replacing the kerbing. To complete the project, the existing floodlighting system was removed and replaced with an 8 column, ultra-low glare 300 LUX system. The fencing was replaced and re-aligned and new kickboards were installed.

The project totalled approximately £640,000 and work was finished in the summer of 2013, on-time and within budget.

Our Sports Surfaces

We offer a comprehensive service from conception and planning through to design and construction.


McArdle Sport Tec were proud to have been selected to install a brand new irrigated hockey pitch at the prestigious Fettes College in Edinburgh.

Ranked amongst the top independent schools in the United Kingdom, the provisions for sport at Fettes College were already expectedly impressive. In keeping with the school’s commitment to excellence in sport, they made the decision to build a second synthetic pitch.

Our high quality water-based pitches are designed to meet FIH global hockey standards for both international and national level hockey. Water is applied via an irrigation system to the synthetic surface immediately before play. The presence of water greatly reduces friction and improves the speed and consistency of ball roll.

This 6090m2 water-based pitch was to be utilised by students of all ages and abilities, ranging from beginners to the school’s 1st XI.

The prestigious surface will allow the school’s hockey players develop their skills to the full, but will also attract Club, District and National Hockey teams to play at the College.

Lord Sebastian Coe was Fettes College’s guest of honor to officially open the school’s new water-based facility, which was to be known as the McMurray Pitch. At the opening ceremony, Peter Worlledge, Bursar, commented: “Excellence in sport is a long-standing tradition at Fettes and we believe it contributes significantly to the all-round development of each pupil. The McMurray pitch has been a superb addition to our sporting facilities and we are delighted with the quality of the surface and sheer playability of the pitch.”

“It is fantastic to have another world-class pitch being opened less than a month before the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. We are delighted that Fettes have agreed to host a youth international featuring a number of their pupils as their inaugural game, and know that the pitch will benefit the school, our clubs and hockey in Scotland.”

David Sweetman – CEO, Scottish Hockey

Our Sports Surfaces

We offer a comprehensive service from conception and planning through to design and construction.