MUGA Construction

As well as all-weather pitches, McArdle Sport Tec are also specialists in MUGA construction. MUGA stands for Multi Use Games Area. Put simply, a MUGA pitch or court is a sports surface which can accommodate various sports. They can be made from a variety of surfaces including tarmac, rubber and artificial turf.

MUGA construction involves building one pitch or court which can be utilised for various sports incorporating different line markings. You will have seen tarmac MUGAS marked out for netball, basketball and possibly tennis. The different sports can all be played upon the one surface, differentiated by the different colour line markings.

MUGA Materials- Different types of surface are better suited for different sports, generally MUGA construction consists of the following types of surface:

Type 1 and 2 Macadam – This is a tarmac surface which can be sprayed different colours if required, tarmac is generally the most affordable surface and can accommodate a variety of sports including, tennis, netball, basketball and can be used for skills training for ball games such as football. Tarmac MUGA’s can also be used as generic playgrounds at break times, so are very popular with primary schools.

Type 3 and 4 Polymeric – A synthetic rubber surface created binding small rubber granules with polyurethane which can be sprayed to various colours. Polymeric surfaces are commonly used in athletics track construction as well as MUGA construction, they provide a less slippery surface in comparison to macadam. Type 3 and Type 4 Polymeric surfaces follow Sport England guidelines and are recommended for ball rebound sports as netball, five-a-side football, tennis, mini-tennis, basketball and training areas for non-ball sports such as athletics. They are also suitable for wheelchair sports. Netball is the priority sport for type 3 and five-a-side football and athletics training as the priority use for type 4.

Type 5 – This is an artificial turf surface which can be either 3G or sand-based. A 3G surface is a long pile artificial turf which is infilled with sand and rubber to make the pile stand up, idea for large ball sports such as football and rugby. A sand-based surface has a much lower pile and is partially filled with sand, ideal for hockey, lacrosse and 5-a-side -football.

Why MUGAS are so popular-

MUGAs offer an affordable way for schools and clubs with limited space to provide multiple sports courts and pitches. They can satisfy a wide range of sporting demands and also provide a cost-effective solution. Many schools and sports clubs are restricted by money and space, so MUGAs offer a great solution as they can be designed to meet individual requirements such as size, colour and sports to be played.

Multi Use Games Area