Our top tips for maintaining artificial hockey pitches

In order to keep your artificial hockey pitch looking and performing its best it is vital to maintain it. A well-maintained pitch will optimise playing conditions, reduce chance of injury and ensure the pitch drains effectively.

When you appoint a hockey pitch construction contractor they should consider ease of maintenance into the design. Ways to keep the pitch tidy can include the installation of tarmac paths leading to the pitch, landscaping with non-shedding trees and even installing artificial turf warm up areas so the pitch doesn’t get contaminated with mud. Our top tips for maintaining artificial hockey pitches include:

1. Preventative Maintenance –
Regularly clear debris from the pitch area such as litter, leaves, twigs and mud. Empty the bins to ensure they don’t overflow onto the pitch area. Remove any weeds which are encroaching from around the edge of the pitch.

2. Appropriate Footwear –
Ensure all users of the pitch know what footwear is appropriate for the surface.

Most shoe manufacturers produce a boot which is specifically designed for the sport played on a synthetic turf pitch, ensure you communicate which type of footwear is suitable for your artificial playing surface.

3. Moss and Algae Removal –
In some seasons moss can become established on the surface, water-based pitches might be more prone to this. Keep an eye out for any build-up of moss or algae around the edge of the artificial hockey pitch.

4. Routine Care-
Brushing the turf regularly in different directions will ensure the fibres stay upright. Use a drag brush behind a tractor for the best results and pay particular attention to heavy traffic areas, such as the pitch entrance and goal areas.

5. Rejuvenation –
From time-to-time it’s best to call in the experts to give the artificial hockey pitch a deep clean. They will closely inspect the surface to ensure there is no tearing and that all seams remain securely fastened. They will check the in-fill levels and can top up the sand if required.