3G Rugby Pitches – Enhancing the game for all

Can your club benefit from the installation of a 3G World Rugby Reg 22 pitch?

In this blog we explain the benefits and advantages of installing an Artificial Rugby Pitch which could support and nurture rugby player’s development and team progression, whilst creating opportunities for rugby clubs to grow and generate additional revenue.  


Let the pitch do all the work, leaving more time to play:

3G Pitches are approved by World Rugby, and offer fantastic benefits for clubs whichever league you are playing in.

Fed up with cancelled matches due to water-logged, dangerous pitch conditions caused by adverse weather? Artificial Rugby Pitches can be used all year round and in almost any weather.  Strategically designed and permeable infrastructure allows surface water to drain freely through the infill and artificial carpet layers, which is diverted off the pitch playing surface into a drainage outfall.

Consider the addition of LED floodlights which can extend the daily operating hours, particularly during the winters reduced daylight hours; our team can help assist you with the planning application including the approval of floodlighting requirements and restrictions.

North Bristol RFC - Rugby 365 Pitch

Safety First:

McArdle Sport Tec construct Artificial Rugby Pitches to World Rugby Regulations 22, Rugby Football Union, and Rugby Football League standards, depending on your requirements.

We ensure our facilities meet and exceed safety standards, all 3G Rugby Pitches we build incorporate either a prefabricated or insitu shock pad underneath the artificial grass carpet; this shock absorbing layer provides extra head impact protection to players.

The addition to silica sand and rubber granule in-fill, helps reduce abrasiveness and prevents players from getting friction burns when they’re grappling for the ball or diving for a try.

Financing the Future:

Artificial 3G Pitches are durable and able to withstand more intensive hours of usage per week compared to natural grass pitches.

Renting out the facility to other schools and clubs for rugby or football, can raise additional revenue for the club, contributing to any ‘sinking fund’ arrangements and maintenance costs.

3G Pitches do not need time to recover, bookings can be made back-to-back making full use of the facility – Just remember to allocate time for the regular maintenance!

Maintain your investment:

3G pitches will require some maintenance, for instance, you will need to make sure the surface remains permeable through ‘drag brushing’ which evens out the infill and lift the pile of the carpet, this also prolongs the longevity of the carpet and yarn, whilst retaining excellent playing characteristics and surface condition. There is no need to apply damaging pesticides or grass treatments, so it’s a great choice when considering your environmental credentials.

Artificial pitches typically last for 10 to 12 years until they need to be refurbished.  It is advisable to establish a ‘Sinking Fund’ for financial security to cover the cost to replace the redundant carpet when the facility has reached the end of its life.  If you have an artificial sports pitch which needs resurfacing, our team can assist you with a quotation and site survey (if required).

As a responsible contractor, we ensure any redundant carpets removed from our refurbishments are being recycled and do not end up in landfill.

McArdle’s ‘Advantage’:

We construct facilities in accordance with established standards, developed through experience to ensure a quality product. Our goal is to provide high-quality sports facilities which exceed clients’ expectations in terms of build quality, long-term performance, and player comfort.

Don’t just take our word for it, we have a number of accredited artificial rugby pitches around the UK including: Shelford Rugby Club, Chippenham Rugby Club, Dartford RFC and Hornets RFC.

Contact our knowledgeable team to discuss your project further:  enquire@mcardlesport.co.uk.

3G Rugby Pitch
3G Rugby Pitch
Two men playing rugby on 3G Rugby Pitch