How much does a 3G pitch cost?

This is one of our most commonly asked questions, and one which doesn’t have an immediate or straight forward answer. Each of our projects is unique, meaning there can be no ‘one size fits all’ cost.

There are several factors to consider which will influence the overall 3G pitch cost. If you require resurfacing of an existing pitch, the costs will be considerably lower than a new 3G AGP installation.

If you are installing a new artificial grass pitch, consider the amount of work and time required to ensure that the 3G sports pitch has the perfect sub base. It is a false economy to invest in a new sports pitch carpet if the underlying groundworks will not support the artificial turf surface.

Site Set Up

To start off the project, McArdle will set up a site office, erect Heras fencing, bring in the heavy machinery to start clearing the site and to remove the top soil or the existing carpet.  Machinery will then cut, fill and level the gradient area for the pitch.


Sufficient drainage will need to be installed under the base layer; the amount of drainage would depend on the outcome of the ‘Infiltration rate’ resulting from the Ground investigation report’ carried out on site to ensure that the pitch will not become waterlogged.

Once the drainage has been installed, a kerb line is set out on the perimeter of the pitch to create a neat boundary edge. We then lay a permeable Geotextile layer, underneath a stone sub base. On average, a typical full sized 3G sports pitch will receive 6000 tonnes of stone.

Engineered Base

We then lay a 40mm Macadam layer otherwise known as an engineered base.

You may hear of, or be quoted for a cheaper option called a ‘dynamic base’ which is simply made of compressed stone and will not be bound with any other substances; the Macadam layer is omitted from this process. In the past dynamic bases have found to be unstable and shift, resulting in lumps and creases in the pitch.

McArdle Sport Tec will only offer Engineered bases; although the cost is higher, we pride ourselves on supplying only the highest quality 3G pitches. Installing an engineered base will ensure stability, longevity and prolong the playing hours in your invested artificial sports pitch.


A shockpad may be required; this will sit on top of the Macadam layer. Rugby, hockey and sometimes for football or MUGA’s (multi use games areas) will install a shock pad on top of the engineered base construction; to comply with RFU, World Rugby Regulation 22FIH Regulations or FIFA Quality, FIFA Pro pitch requirements.  The benefit of installing a shock pad increases impact absorption from the players which in turn reduces the likelihood of injuries. A shock pad can also help protect the pitch as well as the player; adding to longevity.

Artificial Carpet

It is vital to consider and research the different types of artificial turf carpets which are available on the market; and choose a suitable turf which is appropriate for the requirements needed from the sports pitch. A cost factor to consider is whether the artificial sports pitch turf you choose, will need to meet a certain playing standard for example FIFA Quality, FiFA ProFIHRugby WR Reg 22.

Your choice of artificial turf for your sports pitch may also be determined by a specification requirement for example a specific pile height or weight which all combine to provide a certain carpet quality. The selected artificial turf carpet will have a certain warranty or guarantee period; the better quality product used will have a longer warranty period.

Once the artificial turf has been laid, sand is used to weigh down and stabilise the surface. Introduction of a rubber granule infill, is what makes an artificial sport pitch into a 3G Pitch; the rubber improves the playing performance.

Fencing and Lighting

Most sports pitch resurfacing or new sports pitch installations require new fencing or lighting. These additional extras can add to the costings, especially if a higher specification or longer warranty period is required.

McArdle Sport Tec would be more than happy to supply you with a free of charge estimate for your new or resurfacing project or if you would like any further information please contact us on or call us on 01491 827 810.

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