Get Active in January

3G football pitch construction lets you train and play all year round

As Christmas becomes a distant memory, much of the nation will set and break their new year’s resolutions before January is over. Playing on a 3G football pitch can help you stick at being more active, enabling you to play and train all year.

As well as providing a pitch which can withstand more endurance, throughout the year, artificial pitches can generate an income for your club. FIFA have created new standards of testing to ensure 3G football pitch construction meets FIFA standards of play and quality assurance. McArdle Sport Tec install surfaces which meet FIFA ‘s Quality Programme for Football Turf.

Benefits from 3G football pitch construction for your club:

Third-generation pitches can be played on during the winter months – Meaning you won’t have to try to catch up on postponed matches. Some 3G surface systems are guaranteed for up to twenty-thousand playing hours. 3G pitches can withstand a much more intense schedule than natural turf pitches, they are ideal for hosting tournaments.

Income generation – 3G football pitch construction can not only improve your club’s facilities, but also generate money from hiring out the pitches to other local teams and schools. A 3G pitch can be split and hired in sections for training, full matches and even parties.

Superior durability – 3G pitches can be played on for many more hours each week without causing damage to the pitch area. 3G pitches can be played on throughout the day and evening and do not need time to rest and recover, unlike natural turf pitches.

Heavy maintenance to repair a damaged pitch surface is not required – A 3G pitch will require regular maintenance such as brushing, however won’t need mowing, fertilising, patching and regular line marking.

Controlled playing characteristics – FIFA standard 3G surfaces have been specially designed to mimic the characteristics of a natural turf pitch. 3G pitches hold the ball well giving players control over ball roll with complete freedom of movement.

Funding for 3G football pitch construction can be obtained from the Football Foundation & Sport England, should your club meet their requirements.