3G, 4G or 5G…?

A question we get asked a lot here at McArdle Sport Tec is “What is 3G?”.

To explain simply, 3G is short for Third Generation. Third Generation (3G) surfaces are the newest generation of artificial turf and are referred to as one of the major recent innovations in football. They are designed to offer similar playing characteristics to playing on natural turf, mimicking the ball bounce and ball roll.

A 3G surface is created using a blend of grass-like fibres attached to a special backing. Unlike older style synthetic pitches which were filled with sand, 3G pitches are filled with sand as well as rubber granules. The rubber helps to keep the turf pile upright and makes the surface less abrasive when in contact with skin, resulting in fewer friction burns.

To become a 3G Football Turf Pitch, the surface must meet FIFA’s stringent guidelines and will be accredited with a FIFA QUALITY or FIFA QUALITY PRO mark.

“So what is a 4G or 5G surface?”

According to The FA’s Third Generation Football Turf Guidance, “At the moment there is no such thing as 4G or 5G.” They are terms sometimes used by sales-people. “Some manufacturers may promote non-infilled products, but these have not received acceptance as a suitable football surface and often struggle to satisfy FIFA requirements.”

For further information, or to discuss a possible 3G pitch project, call our sales team on 01491 827810 Ext 1.

3G surface